The funnies

These kids are HILARIOUS!  One of the things I want to make sure I document is the hilarious things that come out of their mouths.  So here is a start:

Last night before bed Reed told me what he is going to be when he grows up…

r: I’m going to be a jet flyer

j: you mean a pilot

r: yeah.  And I’m going to be a house cleaner.  So I can make money


r: and a football player.  and a baseball player. and a soccer player. oh yeah and a cowboy.

j: what about a dad?

r: of course (With a side-eye stare like DUH)

Same bedtime routine.  This time Alison

a: mom.  I wish Jesus could come sleep with me.  I know he lives in my heart.  But I want to see him.


a: I wish he was like…my parent.


Sometimes I don’t have any comeback.

Hello Again

I am afraid to look back and see how long it has been since I have written a blog post.  Jake, we totally love you as much as the other kids.  But you are the reason there is no time for nonsense like keeping up with a blog.

Today I am inspired to start back.  And to start small.  Part of what makes keeping up with the blog so daunting is that I act like my posts should be professional.  Or eloquent.  Or include everything I want to say.  Well it won’t.  Ever.  Why?  Because I have a demanding full time position.  And so does Randy.  Oh yeah and we have these three children that we adore.  Those things all take priority.

So why start again?  Because I miss going back and reading old posts.  I miss reading my thoughts from 6 months ago.  I keep trying to become a journal-er (like I keep trying to become a runner.  That never quite sticks either).  I love reading back through my journals.  But I forget that to read back, you have to record in the first place.

So I’m trying again.  And I don’t care if anyone EVER reads this.  I want to read it…someday.


5 Months. How?

I mean that very literally.  How has it already been 5 months?

Jake had been home with us for about 3 days.  I told Randy ‘it just feels like he has always been here’.  Randy didn’t quite agree.  But I still feel that way.  He is so little and new, but he just feels like he has always been here. Definitely like he was always meant to be in our family.  Each day I just fall more and more in love with this sweet boy.

At 5 months old Jake you are wearing size 3 diapers (you are a bit thick in the waist like your brother).

You are mainly wearing 6 months clothes, and even some 9 month.

You are finally starting to feel better.  We don’t have to do breathing treatments 6-8 times a day anymore.  We are down to a solid 4.  2 at school and 2 at home.  Praise the Lord!  Since you can breathe again you can also sleep again.  (Double Praise the Lord!)

You usually come home from school and sleep for a few hours.  Then you wake up around the time the big kids go to bed and Dad and I get to play with just you for a bit.  It is a sweet time for all 3 of us and I’m so thankful for it.

You are eating food like a champ.  So far I have been a slacker and haven’t made you a bunch of baby food options.  I promise to get on that very soon.  You can’t get enough of roasted sweet potatoes (this one is even sweeter because the potatoes are from our garden).  You are also eating bananas, applesauce, oatmeal and rice cereal.  You turned your nose up at carrots, but we will try again.

You weigh almost 16 pounds (I can’t remember the exact weight and length…sorry!!!)  You are average in both measurements.

All the stats are out of the way….I just have to say I’m so thankful for you little boy.  You are such a true joy to me.


This blog has taken quite a hit since Jake joined our zoo.  I want so badly to write down all the funny things that all three kids do because otherwise I just won’t remember.  We do take lots of video and try to take enough pictures.  But I want to remember the funny sayings and silly stories and what they loved during this time in their lives.

Reed is ALL boy.  And all 4 year old boy at that.  He loves trucks.  And trailers.  And anything with a trailer hitch.  And super heroes.  And cowboys.  And fixing things.  And knowing how things work.  And rough housing.  And potty words.  And pirates.  And dress up.

Reed is in a kinder prep class this year and it has been an adjustment.  I am a typical first time mom because I had no idea that this class would be structured this way.  I had no idea that the “Learning Center” part of our day care is actually supposed to be a structured kinder prep class.  Sometimes I really just miss the point.  Anyway, back to the important part.  Reed has homework Monday – Thursday Every.Single.Week.  For real.  I totally understand that this is just about getting both Reed, and us, ready for next year.  I get it.  But it was a tough transition.  We had many, many tears shed in the beginning.  Now we are in a good routine and homework isn’t a fight…most nights.  Reed is learning so much so fast that it takes me by surprise on a regular basis.  Just a few months into the school year and I can already see how much he’s learning.  Each week they learn more letters and the sounds that go with those letters.  He is almost sounding out words.  Who is this big kid and what has he done with my baby?

Reed still struggles with his temper.  I don’t think this struggle is something he will grow out of.  I think it’s part of who he is and our job is to help him learn how to channel his anger into more productive ways.  I honestly have no idea what I’m doing.  He is such a handful one minute and then the sweetest kid the next.  I watch him get so  frustrated and mad that he throws something and gets put in time out, but then he tells Ali that he will ‘keep her safe’.  He is such a tenderhearted boy and I pray that we can help him develop that side of his personality.

Reed completely adores his brother and sister.  He and Alison have started fighting some, and mostly it’s because she has her own opinions about what she wants to play.  She no longer follows everything Reed says and he has a hard time with that.  He wants to have ‘baby Jake’ with him at.all.times.  Seriously.  It’s crazy.

Reed is definitely a challenging child.  There is not one bit of calm and easy going about him.  I hope this means he will be a world changer when he grows up.  I can dream right?

4 Months!

IMG_0015Oh Jake.  I’m trying so hard to not let all the ‘baby’ milestones pass by without me noticing or writing them down.  It’s hard to juggle all 3 of you.  It’s hard to make sure I notice everything.  But I’m going to keep trying.  I promise!!

I wasn’t able to take you for your 4 month appointment on time because you have been sick.  Really sick.  You turned 4 months while we were on vacation in Colorado.  You picked up some sort of virus that caused you to have trouble breathing.  So you are on breathing treatments.  All.The.Time.  But you are slowly getting better.  Hooray!!

I do know that at 4 months you weighed 15 pounds, 7 ounces.  You are totally out of 3 months clothes and are most comfortable in 9 month clothes.  (Not sure how you skipped over 6 month!)  Your little waist is not so little.  Size 2 diapers are having trouble fitting around your think waist.  It’s awesome.

4 days before your 4 month birthday we gave you a taste of rice cereal.  Your little belly was growling even right after I fed you (and I know for a fact I am giving you plenty of milk).  So we tried cereal.  And you ate it with gusto!  No trouble with the spoon.  No trouble with the taste.  Obviously you were ready for it.  Now you are eating about a tablespoon of cereal for lunch everyday.  It has helped A LOT!  As Rosario says (your caregiver) ‘Now Jake is really going to get fluffy’.  Yes my sweet boy, you are getting fluffy!

Anytime I put you down on your back you immediately flip to your belly.  It’s as though you love that trick, but then you get immediately pissed if that puts you in a corner where you can’t see out.  You love to watch tv from the couch and you love to look around.  But if all you can see is the couch or the bed, you get mad.  Fast.  Just this weekend you started moving your booty like you want to get on your knees and crawl.  Whoa Nelly.  We will not have any of that just yet.  No crawling.  You can’t even sit up yet.

Your brother and sister are still crazy enamored with you.  I literally have to push them off of you on a regular basis.  They love to get right up in your face.  Course you just laugh and  laugh at them.  It’s a match made in heaven for sure.

For the record…you are still the happiest baby ever.

3 Months!

IMG_5841Well.  I’m back at work.  Re-entry into the real world stinks.  I miss that little boy.  But I also just miss the slow pace of our life when I’m a stay at home mom.  I know I wouldn’t be happy staying home in the long run, but it sure was awesome while it lasted.

Jake is up to size 2 diapers and wearing 3 or 6 month clothes. 

He has slept for 10 hours at a time a few times and it has been wonderful.  He is still 100% BF and it’s all going really well. 

He (legit) rolled over for the first time on September 8th.  He has rolled over before, but I didn’t count it because he was on the bed next to me and it could have just been gravity.  This time was definitely legit.  Now we have to start being more careful where we lay him down.  Darn.

We are going to do a better job of real ‘Jake’ pictures starting this month.  For real.

The Beach 2013

IMG_2299Dad rented a beach house from a friend of his.  I was being a little dramatic and high maintenance because I found out it only had 2 bedrooms.  I just couldnt’ picture how my whole family, plus mom and dad, plus Diana were going to fit.  Oh I was wrong.  Oh so wrong.

We were crammed in, but it was perfect.  The house is on a canal and so it had a dock and a boat (that we didn’t use this time…next time we want to use the boat!).  This vacation was the last hurrah for the summer and also for my maternity leave.  It was the perfect distraction for me.  I got to spend my last weekend off of work playing with and enjoying my family…not worrying about work.  What a HUGE blessing.

Mom and Diana took Alison with them to the beach on Wednesday.  Dad met them there.  Jake, Reed and I joined them on Thursday.  Then Dad left Thursday afternoon for a meeting.  Dad and Randy came back on Friday.  Sheesh.  I’m tired just typing all of that!  The beauty of this weekend was that everyone did whatever they really wanted to do.  We took it easy inside.  We went to the beach.  We cooked together.  We fished.  We napped (well, in theory we napped…with three little kids we didn’t nap as much as I would have liked!)

Favorite moments from the trip…

1. Friday night we were on the dock fishing.  Out of nowhere Reed declares, ‘it’s good to be fishin’  It was hilarious.

2. Reed watched every single boat launch and load back up.  We were 2 houses down from the boat launch and he couldn’t have been any happier.  This boy is OBSESSED with all things trucks and trailers and hauling things and trailer hitches.  You should see his school journal.  Obsessed.  That boy was literally in heaven.

3. Alison named her babies (finally).  She named them Astronaut (pronounced aster-not) and Bonnet.  Man I love that little girl.  She is so spunky and confident in herself.

4. I got to sit on the beach and relax for approximately 4.2 minutes.  Saturday morning we had a lighter crew (see details below) and I was so excited to quietly sit in a chair and read a magazine.  Who the heck was I kidding?  I had Diana and my parents with me.  There’s no way I could keep my mouth shut and read.  I had too much to talk about!!!  Plus I had Alison to play with.

In typical Baldwin fashion, it wouldn’t be a trip/vacation without an injury.  Reed tripped on the dock when he was running to see a boat launch into the canal.  He peeled back the skin on his big toe.  I was so thankful that mom was there.  I  Seriously.  I couldn’t look at it.  Just nasty.  Unfortunately this happened on Friday night, so Reed couldn’t go to the beach with us on Saturday morning.  Luckily Randy didn’t want to hit the beach either, so he stayed at the house with Reed and Jake. 

All in all the beach weekend really was the perfect end to the summer and to maternity leave.  Thank you for renting the house Dad.  Can’t wait to do it again next summer when Jake and Rhett can swim in the ocean too!!

Back to School

First of all.  Veto.  I veto all of this ‘getting bigger’ nonsense.  I used to hate it when mom’s were always griping about how sad they were about kids growing up.  I seriously used to roll my eyes so hard at all that silly talk.  I.Take.It.All.Back.

Alison and Reed both moved up classes today.  Ali jumped ahead a room and she is now on the preschool side and not the day care side.  I can’t believe my tiny little 2 year old is in preschool.  I wasn’t prepared for that one.

Reed also moved up and he is now in the kinder prep class.  I had no idea, but this is a legit kinder prep class.  They have workbooks.  They do math.  And science.  And reading.  And homework!!!  They even get to go on field trips!!!  I am so, so thankful for all the kinder prep Reed will get this year.  He is so stubborn and resistant to change.  I think this will make all the difference for him.  I think he will have a much easier transition into kinder after being in the class he’s in this year.  I hate that I was so clueless about the changes that were coming, but I am so thankful for the kids school.  When I’m sad about working, I remind myself of the fantastic instruction they are getting each day.  Makes it a whole lot easier to run the rat race everyday.

There isn’t just one picture from this morning.  You have to see all of them to understand their sweet little personalities.  Gosh I love them all so stinking much.  Thank you Lord for entrusting these little souls in our care.  I couldn’t ask for anything more!!!

(Jake doesn’t start day care until Sept. 3.  I still get 3 more days at home with him!!!)

The Reasonovers are growing…

Diana is pregnant!!!

My baby sister is going to have a baby of her own and we couldn’t be more excited!!!

The baby is due on January 9th and he’s a boy!!  His name will be Rhett Wade Reasonover.  Everyone except Alison is so excited…she was upset that he’s a boy.  Her response was ‘but I wanted a girl this time’.  It was so funny.

I can’t tell you how excited I am that my kids will have at least one cousin.  We can’t wait to meet this sweet little boy early next year!!

Jake at 2 months

IMG_5746This might get redundant…best baby ever.  Jake is a good sleeper, a good eater, and a sweet and smiley little boy.  The only area that could be improved is the spit up.  He definitely likes to throw up after a meal.  I think he just gorges himself and then spits the excess up on me.  I would like for that to stop!

Jake weighted 12.5 pounds and was 23.5 inches.  He was about 60-70th percentile for all his measurements.  he is meeting his milestones and the doctor was happy with his progress.

He’s wearing size 1-2 diapers and mostly 3-6 month clothes.  He can still squeeze into some 3 month things, but it’s mostly the 3-6 month outfits.  I’m pretty sure this is going to be the fastest year of my life!!

This boy is so smiley!  No belly laughs just yet, but he is definitely a smiley one.  So happy all the time.  It must be from all the love he gets around here.  He gets A LOT!

I sure am going to miss this boy when I go back to work in 2 short weeks.  I have LOVED being home with him this summer.  Pretty much the happiest time of my life so far.