The funnies

These kids are HILARIOUS!  One of the things I want to make sure I document is the hilarious things that come out of their mouths.  So here is a start:

Last night before bed Reed told me what he is going to be when he grows up…

r: I’m going to be a jet flyer

j: you mean a pilot

r: yeah.  And I’m going to be a house cleaner.  So I can make money


r: and a football player.  and a baseball player. and a soccer player. oh yeah and a cowboy.

j: what about a dad?

r: of course (With a side-eye stare like DUH)

Same bedtime routine.  This time Alison

a: mom.  I wish Jesus could come sleep with me.  I know he lives in my heart.  But I want to see him.


a: I wish he was like…my parent.


Sometimes I don’t have any comeback.